Your children and your dentist – a guide to the first visit and more


When you were a child, the dentist was often seen as a fearful place and the thoughts of a visit would worry even the bravest kids. Nowadays with improvements in technology and facilities, a visit to the dentist for your pride and joy will be a breeze. In this article we’ll look at the best time to start bringing your children to the dentist and how you can encourage good oral hygiene in the home. Bringing them to the dentist at an early stage introduces the idea of how important it is to look after their teeth at an early age.

When to start?

There are different answers to this one but an initial visit is a good idea around the time the child hits their second birthday or shortly after their first tooth arrives.  Introducing them at this early stage will reduce any fears or anxieties you would’ve had if you left their first visit until they were a little older.

It’s fair to say that not much will happen on the first visit but it will certainly put your child at ease with the whole idea. As a parent or guardian, you’ll learn about the best ways to introduce good oral hygiene habits and how to properly brush those tiny first teeth.

Regular visits to the dentist will also alert your dentist to possible requirements for orthodontics and in particular early interceptive orthodontics that play a crucial role in the development and growth of their teeth. Access to and knowledge of your child’s oral health will allow your dentist to establish trends and be better able to avoid and prevent avoidable dental diseases in later life.

But like everything else, good dental care starts in the home. And once your child gets to the age of five or so, they can usually brush their own teeth. To help them along, there’s no better training than having them watch you brush your teeth and with a bit of encouragement, they’re sure to follow your good example.

Bringing your child for their first dentist visit is another milestone in what will hopefully be a long and healthy life. By bringing them early to get used to the special chair and everything that goes with a dental office, you’re setting them up with a great habit for life. At Walkinstown Dental Surgery, we have lots of kids coming in to us every day, so we’re very experienced in dealing with children of all ages.

At any time, you’re welcome to make your child’s first appointment …

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