Your 12 point plan

A thorough examination assured with Walkinstown Dental Surgery

While you might come to us with a very specific problem like a cracked tooth or a toothache, we’ll still complete a thorough 12-point Dental examination at no extra cost at our clinic. That way, we’ll ensure we have 100% knowledge about your dental care and oral health needs.

Walkinstown Dental Surgery 12 Point Dental Health Examination

  1. We ask how healthy you feel your teeth gums and mouth are.
  2. We will listen to any concerns or problems you may have.
  3. We will ask questions about your general health to identify any risk factors that may affect your oral health and/or treatment.
  4. We will carry out a lifestyle assessment to identify any risk factors that may affect your oral health.
  5. We examine your teeth and check for health.
  6. We examine any fillings/crowns etc and check for stability, function and aesthetics.
  7. We examine your gums and assess their health.
  8. We carry out an oral cancer screen.
  9. We examine your occlusion/bite for signs of wear or instability.
  10. We examine your jaw joint.
  11. We examine your neck for enlarged lymph nodes.
  12. We carry out x-ray screening where relevant.

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