Why Walkinstown Dental Surgery?

Six reasons why you should choose us as your Dublin 12 dentist

  1. Our focus has always been on providing you with the highest levels of long term dental care. Patients and their families stay with us because we not only deliver first-class care but we are always looking at the bigger picture – your long term care. If we think certain treatments will not suit you or a family member – we’ll tell you. No hard sell, no gimmicks, just experienced dental care from a committed team of professionals.
  2. Your dental care – from short visits for treatments like cleanings and fillings to larger procedures, we build the picture of your dental health over time. With a complete range of services and treatments available, we’ll treat you accordingly and just as importantly, advise you of what’s best.
  3. Truly local – as members of the local community, we know our patients and know the issues that impact on their teeth. With an experienced provider like Walkinstown Dental surgery, trust and knowledge are built over the years and it’s a long term connection with your health provider that ensures the most consistent care and the most accurate treatments are given.
  4. Experience – with nearly 20 years’ experience, Dr. Peter Coffey has treated patients of all ages and from every background. Having dealt with so many issues in dental healthcare first-hand, Peter can identify and treat symptoms at an early stage. This ensures you get the benefit of his extensive experience.
  5. Value for money – in what is a tough economic time for families of all sizes, it’s important that you look after your dental health and that you consider your dental care to be both good value and affordable. With this in mind, we provide dental care at competitive prices. And on a case-by-case basis, we are happy to discuss practical payment terms for customers who may be feeling the pinch. In all cases, we’ll clearly state the cost of proposed dental treatment in advance.
  6. Quality equipment and technology – from equipment and supplies to our dealings with you on a daily basis, we always focus on the quality of care we provide. For example, for dental implants we source only the best materials from Sweden and Germany. And when it comes to tools and technology, our investment in a state-of-the-art x-ray machine, for example, means we are delivering quality care in the best possible clinical environment. We also work with the German 3D Cerec technology for broken teeth. And for surgery, use of laser techniques ensures more precise and much neater outcomes.
  7. 12 point plan – we are firm believers in processes and accountability. And because of this, we want you and all our customers to know about our 12 point dental health examination that every client receives at the beginning.

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