Consistent Improvements in dental technology means dentures have never been more comfortable to wear

Advances in dental technology mean our older patients have never had better options when it comes to dental comfort. In the past, they were expected to restrict their diet to simple foods life stews and porridge in case of denture problems. At Walkinstown Dental Surgery, we’re delighted to report that these new advances which help patients enjoy a varied diet and ensure they won’t have to worry about dental discomfort.

In fact, patients who may have lost teeth through accidents (and older patients too) have joked with us that their smile has even been better than before, so life-like are their new teeth!

Patients come to us enquiring about wearing dentures for a number of reasons. From restoring their youthful appearance to expanding their diet, many see the wearing of dentures as an improvement on their natural teeth which may have run their natural course. Well made dentures make you feel good about yourself and in some cases can ensure you can be heard more easily and can even help with your digestive system. Whatever the reason, we’re here to work with you to diagnose the specific challenges you face and come up with a solution to sort them out for you.

If you feel it’s time to think about getting dentures yourself, you should know that modern denture technology is a world away from times past where we imagine the old image of gigantic set resting in a large glass at night! At Walkinstown Dental Surgery, we firmly believe that dentures should never hurt or click and that slipping dentures also means something is up and adjustments need to be made.

When you make an appointment, we’ll go through all the options with you. You many need a complete denture which replaces all your natural teeth. Or it might be more suitable for you to use a partial denture which replaces only some of your own teeth. And these can be supported by remaining tooth or tissue. A partial denture will work in tandem with your remaining teeth.

We’re committed to providing our patients with genuine comfort in all areas of their dental health. If you think dentures are becoming an option for you, we’ll talk through your needs and help you find the most comfortable solution.

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